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Get flexible, feel better and move better in and out of the gym. Choose from programmes, body part specific flows or past Yoga class recordings.

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Take a look at the various collections below to move with me, whether thats improving your mobility, learning a new skill or taking a quick movement break, I have got you covered.

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​​Choose from a wide range of videos to help you get flexible, move better and feel better in and out of the gym. Whether you struggle to touch your toes, press a bar overhead or sit in a deep squat, the MVMT Library has you covered. Even if you do not go to a gym, day to day tasks will become easier and you will find freedom in your movement.

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You will have access to tutorials and programmes, from pistols squats to handstands.

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Missed my online class schedule? You can catch up on 60 minute Yoga class recordings, working on flexibility, strength and mindfulness.

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Whether you want to move better in and out of the gym or recover from sitting for too long, join me to change the way you move forever.

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